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Today is Friday! I needed to write today because it has been almost a full month of me not writing! My husband and I have been in the process of moving from California to Colorado! It has been one big headache, but what move isn’t?

Have you ever moved before? Share your most crazy experience in the comment section! I love hearing from you guys from all around the world! 🌍

When my husband was deployed back in 2018-19 he called me from his ship asking about how I felt if he re-enlisted in the Marines.

Re-Enlisting means signing up for another 4 year contract with the Marine Corp.

I was shocked he even had the thought of signing another Active Duty contract but for me I didn’t mind at all. I support him in anything he wants to do with his career as I know he does the same for me. At the time I had just turned 19 years old so I wasnt too focused on a career, just school. The type of job he would have been signing for was recruiting. Someone who helps 18 year old teens to join the Marine Corp. This made me so excited because that meant we had a chance to move back home!! (I’m very close with my fam bam) Even though the chances of us getting Colorado were very slim, we still managed to get it! We had a LONG, EXHAUSTING, STRESSFUL process to go through to find out where we would be going next but at the end of the day it was all worth it.

If I’m being honest with everyone, Taylor and I have been hitting some rough patches in our marriage. We love each other an unbelievable amount but not every relationship is perfect. So this move means a lot to me as a person trying to better myself for my marriage and for us as a couple to start with a clean slate and new happiness. Not only is being married young hard but having a baby and balancing the military definitely doesn’t ease any of it for us. We are strong and we are new.

I apologize for the smaller blog but I will be writing another Saturday, July 26 with some fun adventures we have had the past week! To new beginnings y’all! 🌸

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