One?! Already!?

Happy Hump Day! I was trying to write a blog earlier this month but that obviously failed. December is always a hectic month. You have the holidays coming, the birthdays and life itself.

For us, Jaxon turned One. Then fast enough came Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As you all know we are living life with a pandemic in our way. People are losing jobs, people are losing family and people are losing sight of life. This is a depressing time to be in, not only because of Covid-19 but because so much more has been happening. Before I get into today's blog, I wanted to share with you that no matter what we are all going through together, we are all, too, fighting our own battles.

November 26, 2020 my husband and I tried making the best of Thanksgiving. We bought an 11lb ham, made mashed potatoes, corn, salad and more! Jaxon LOVED the food...he sure is a chunkster! Anyhow, on Thanksgiving my sister told me that she would love to come over the weekend of Jaxon's birthday which was December 5.

His First Birthday, can you believe it?? ONE already?? She offered to help decorate for the small Birthday party I had planned and she brought all of his gifts from herself, my mom and dad. December 3, Thursday evening, my sister arrived at my apartment. She called me letting me know she was parked and waiting for me outside because I had ran an errand or two. (I'm always terrible with timing.)

The next day arrived, the day before Jaxon's 1st Birthday. My sister and I worked our lives away via our laptops because that's the life we live in now. As always, my husband was stuck at work late. He was trying to work his hardest that way he could get Jaxon's birthday off. (the boss gave him the day off anyway *eyeroll*.) This is where it all started. My sister and I were enjoying our evening together. We hadn't seen each other in over a month! Plus, Jaxon was STOKED to have his Tia over to play with him. JT showed off his toys and skills that Tia missed the past month. It was a fun night. Taylor finally got home around 9p.m. Annoyingly late, I felt so bad for him. We gave him some food we had ordered from Chili's and he passed out on the couch. I remember glancing over at him while my sister and I were putting up all of Jaxon's party decorations and thinking "wow, my poor husband is knocked out on the couch in the most uncomfortable position, with food halfway in his mouth because he is THAT tired.."

"looks amazing, good job you two." "wow you two did all of this last night??" "thank you Ari for helping my wife get this all set up, this is so important to her."

I wish my sister and I heard these type of compliments come from Taylor the next morning. But they didn't.

I wish my husband would have woke up excited because it was his sons 1st Birthday. I mean, it almost felt like Christmas morning! Instead, it was the perfect morning for him to wake up, go to the gym, tour a house just to see what it was all about AND not greet his birthday boy with a "Happy Birthday"... I was hurt. BUT. I wasn't going to show him that. He knew he was wrong and he knew it would bite him in the ass later. Maybe not that day but soon enough. As my baby boys 1st Birthday day went on, my sister and I were trying to get everything ready for the little bit of company I invited over.

"Okay, first. Let's go get the food and his birthday cake, then we can go get the balloons you ordered." my sister said, the planner she is. :)

Well, we made it to Walmart with little man and the 100's of other people who decided to shop that early afternoon. We got the cake, was messed up on the top but there was nothing we could have done at this point. Went to the sub section and just bought a few long sub sandwiches, grabbed chips with dip, a veggie tray, drinks and finally headed out.

"Will everyone be at the apartment around 1 or 2p.m.?" I asked my sister.

"Well... mom said they would be leaving your brothers house around 12:30p.m. so hopefully not until 2-ish." She replied.

We had some time, no need to panic right?

*ring, ring*

"Oh god, it's mom." Ari said aloud as her anxiety was rising through the roof.

There was nothing but a long pause as we were headed to Party City to pickup the balloons.

"They left earlier, they're almost here."

My mind was going NUTS!

"Why didn't they call earlier? Where is Taylor to help us? Jaxon isn't even dressed in his Birthday outfit yet. I need to finish decorating cookies. I haven't even brushed my hair yet!!"

We ran the food home so it wouldn't get gross and dropped Jaxon off with Taylor because it was just too crazy to continue lugging the Birthday boy everywhere with us for what was supposed to be fast errands.

Me and Taylor went to Party City the weekend before so we could purchase all of the decorations. As we were checking out, we ordered the balloons to be ready on JT's Birthday. Well if anything else couldn't have gone wrong, it was the wrong Party City. I called Taylor immediately since he was who knows where and if he could go pick up the balloons at the correct Party City. Man was that such a HUGE chore for him... *eye-roll*. My sister and I got back home, finally. Time was ticking, Jaxon was still undressed, we were still a mess and food still wasn't laid out. During the 1-2 hours of Taylor being gone, grabbing balloons and a veggie sandwich, we cut up the sub sandwich's, laid out chips and dip, set up the dinner table, fixed the Birthday cake top, got dressed and shockingly straightened our hair. All while getting everything ready, including ourselves, we heard a knock on the door.

"Damnit!" both my sister and I said to each other.

The rest of my baby boys 1st Birthday is history. He had a wonderful time, our family had a wonderful time and that's all that matters. Everyone was smiling, laughing, and enjoying Mr. JT. That's what it's all about. My Jaxon boy. Though dad, Taylor, wasn't his best that day, he tried his best later to make up for it. If one is negative, don't let them float near your positive. That is just what we did. I learned that sometimes, things don't go according to plan. As much as we might want them to... they won't, and we have to be okay with that. It is not the end of the world if they don't. Much more is happening around us that these little things don't matter. Jaxon had a wonderful time for his First Birthday and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Happy Birthday! You're growing fast baby J. We love you. -

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