Oh Boy

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Oh Boy. I have a baby boy. Oh Boy.

I never thought I would get married, then I got married. I never thought I would have kids at such a young age, then I got pregnant at 19. Ya'll, my life has gotten crazy the past 3 and a half years. When I met my husband I knew he was different. I knew I wanted to marry him one day. I never thought about kids though, let me tell ya ha. My husband is still in the Marine Corps, in 2018 he was deployed for 7-8 months long. I decided to stay here in California on my own and work. (it was a blast, boy do I have stories to tell.) After a long, dry 8 months of him being gone, we found out his coming home date. February 28, 2019. YAAAYYYY!! We were so excited yet nervous to see each other again. Mind you we had just gotten married a few months prior of his deployment. I couldn't put into words how happy I was to see my husband and to begin this life with no more interruptions...

March came. My period did not. I was only two days late but I thought to myself "Could I be pregnant?". I brought it to Taylor's attention that I was a couple days late for my period and he freaked out. He is the over-thinker in our family. I wasn't too worried because it's normal for me to be a day or two late. Even a week sometimes. But this time, I had a queezy stomach feeling. "this might be it.." I thought to myself. I went to the store the next day and bought a pack of Clear Blu tests. Oh Boy. I sped home dying to pee, I was drinking so much water to make sure I would go pee when I got home for these damn tests. I went straight into the bathroom and took one of the tests. I had grabbed a two pack. You need that reassurance with the second stick, just sayin'. If you're a lady reading this then you know that after you pee on the test you have to wait around 2-3 minutes They are the LONGEST 2-3 minutes of your life. I was sitting in the bathroom with my eyes closed. I bought the Clear Blue digital tests meaning it would read across "PREGNANT" or "NOT PREGNANT". I couldn't help but want to take a peek ... one minute goes by and the test already read "PREGNANT".

"There is no way, It didn't even go the whole 3 minutes". I said out loud to myself.

So I took the second test.


I felt excited, sad, scared, happy , blessed, nervous and breathless all at the same time. I couldn't believe it you guys. You'd think that at 19 years old you would think to yourself "crap". But I didn't feel like that at all. I was more happy than anything.

"This is real... my gosh". I thought to myself.

I ran out of the bathroom, into the dining room and just looked at my husband as he sat at the dinner table scrolling through his phone. He looked up at me and saw my face. "You're pregnant, aren't you?" he asked me.

Breaking down crying with excitement and nervousness I nodded and just let him hold me. Taylor seemed more shocked than anything, he couldn't stop thinking if it was going to be a baby girl or a baby boy. He would talk about all of the fun he would have if it was a boy or girl.. he couldn't stop. He flattered me with how happy he was. It is usually common for men to feel more down about having kids when it happens unexpectedly, especially so young.

Then we had to figure out whose parents we call first. Dun Dun Dunnn.. we decided mine. Here we go calling my mom, bracing the scolding were about to receive...only we didn't. My mom responded with more shock and defeat. I remember she was talking to us about the responsibilities, needs, money and more but gracefully at the end of the call she said she's happy and couldn't wait to be a grandma. My mom is also already in her 60's with no grandchildren, at this point I had a feeling she was just ready you know? A week or two went by and she gradually became more and more excited. First it started with asking how I was feeling constantly, then talking about visiting, then buying everything you could think of for the new unborn baby that was going to become a part of our family.

Taylor and I were no where near ready, Oh Boy.

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