Life After Death

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Have you ever asked yourself, "What happens when we die?"

I found a docu-series the other day on Netflix, "Surviving Death", that talks about people's experiences and the logic behind it all from Mediums to Scientists. It got me here I am going to share with you some of my personal experiences, thoughts and opinions about Life After Death.

It's the reality of life, death. We all KNOW we will die one day, we all KNOW we can't stick around forever. But what we don't know is when or how. Death is a lot of our fears. Who wants to sit and think about the time that they will no longer be breathing here on our earth? I know I don't choose to sit and think about my death day. I have personally always been a spiritual person. I have always believed in Heaven and I have always believed in Hell. I was raised as a Catholic however I'm not all about the rules and regulations every religion has. I personally believe Jesus Christ is real, God is real and our fellow saints linger among us to help us through our life. But I don't believe in discrimination, I don't believe that if you cuss you're going to Hell. I truly know that our Savior would NEVER EVER look down on anyone for who they were born to be.

When I was about 7-8 years old, my grandma passed away. I was heart broken, my whole family was. She was the glue for all of us, she kept us all sane, together and loving. But when she left, so did everything else. Things like this can sit in the back of our minds without us knowing it and have us daydream or imagine something that we want to see so badly or that we want to hear so badly. However, when you actually experience something for yourself, it's difficult to accept any of the science behind it. One night, about 2 years of my grandma being gone, I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I was awake, AWAKE AWAKE okay? And as I was walking out of my room, using the moonlight glow to see through the hallway. I halted to a stop.

There she was.

My grandma, my grandma was standing right there in front of me, only about 3 feet away. I remember this night like it was a movie I watched over and over. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move. I was in such shock...She had a gentle smile on her face, floral dress, her hair was white and combed like she always had it. The weirdest part of my view of her was her lower half...from about her mid-thigh down, there was nothing. "How?" I ask myself. Within a blink of an eye she was gone. She was just...gone. Scared and emotional, I ran into my moms room probably scaring her half to death but she sat up and panicked, "What? What's the matter? What's going on?" Crying and trying to catch my breath to speak, I told her exactly what had just happened and I could tell by her face that she thought it must've been a dream. That's okay though, I went sound asleep that night trusting my grandma had come down to visit me. (I don't think I ever went to the bathroom either, haha.)

Have you ever thought about when your death day may be? I know that's not an enjoyable thought but it's natural.

"Will I be 90 years old dying of natural causes?" "Will I be 25 years old getting into a horrendous car accident?" "Will I make a bad choice down the road and die of substance abuse?" These are all very common questions that we ask ourselves because we don't know, no one ever knows. But that's how it's supposed to be. Essentially it's the same for when we are all born. We have no idea when and how we'd be born - You're probably thinking to yourself, "Hope... we have birthdays and we all know where babies come from.." But I'm not talking about the biology side of it. What I'm trying to say is; as alive as we are today we were just as alive inside of our mom's bellies. We had no idea when or how we'd be born. (C-section or Natural) As slippery, blind curled up babies, we didn't consciously know we would ever even leave mom's belly. Do you think it's the same with death as it is with birth?

After completing the docu-series I found on Netflix, I analyzed how each episode was a different type of practice and different individuals experiences. They talked about Mediums, Psychics, Readings, Reincarnation and the Paranormal. They also shared both sides, the spiritual and the science but I noticed the scientists and doctors being interviewed didn't have a direct answer for any of it. Not for the mediums, not for the experiences and not for the paranormal evidence many brought to the table. Makes you really question some things in life. All of the information given and all of the different interviews shared really opened my eyes and showed me that there just may be so much more out there than we know here on Earth. Especially in today's day and age. Religious or not, our peers have lost Faith. We promote the Devil in music lyrics, music videos, clothing items, images and so much more. We have lost sight in the good around us and we always want better. We are no longer content with what we have in the moment. Have you noticed that? A new cell phone comes out, yours works like brand new yet you find yourself at the store buying the new one. Why? "Because it's better." There's nothing wrong with always wanting better, however it's not always needed. I'm guilty of this exact situation actually, I think everyone has at least once or twice been in this situation whether it's a new phone or a new car or a new anything! Personally, this isn't how it should be. What happened to being humble? Too much Faith is being lost all around us. No Faith in God, no Faith in ourselves, no Faith in life.

Soul is Us. Brain is Earth.

Read that again. Take it as you will.

Life After Death. Something all of us naturally have wondered about or still wonder about. Some have had near death experiences, others, like myself, have had paranormal experiences... who really knows, right? Our brain is quite extraordinary..What do you think?

Do you believe in Life After Death? Email me your thoughts and opinions or find me on my social media with the social bar at the top right of my page!

Until next time! ~ xoxo

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