It's that time of year... already?


WOW. It has been a LONG time since I've wrote a blog. Two months and one day today, to be exact.

First and foremost I would like to apologize to anyone that actually tunes into my blog posts every week. I had the craziest past couple of months and I wasn't motivated enough to come on here and write... I probably should have though knowing that writing helps me mentally but that's besides the point, haha. I also would like to address my "texting" language I use in my blogs. I know it's not professional or grammatically correct, however, I like to share my blogs with exactly how I'm thinking or feeling. I'm more connected to you guys that way. Plus, who has time to be grammatically correct with a personal blog in the first place? Just write and go! ;)

It's that time of year...already? Everyone I know is asking this same question at least 2x a day. Everyday I have looked at my phone I gasp in shock at what the date is. When Halloween came I swear the time fast forwarded. Which ... it technically went back an hour but let's not get into that. The time change has thrown me off tremendously. Booo time change! I HATE it getting dark here in Colorado by 4:45 - 5:00 p.m. With the time going by so fast, I have been able to get myself back on track and away from all of the distractions that came my way the past couple of months.

"I bought you a ticket to come out for three weeks, get away for a little while. Relax." said my mother in law. Receiving this text I wasn't sure to be upset that she went ahead and purchased a ticket before I said yes to going to visit 100% or to be relieved and excited to get out of here for almost a month. Like I've said in the past, marriage is not easy. Relationships in general are not easy. Taylor and I had been going through some things and I was about to break. I was a thread away from filing for divorce. Crazy right?! - I thought so to. For a long time we hadn't been seeing eye to eye. Our communication was masked and so were our feelings for each other. I thought to myself, "Okay, this is it. We just grew apart. What can ya do?" I called my mother in law for some advice because who knows their son more than their mom? This is why I like her, she tells it as it is. It may be something you want to hear or not want to hear but she is the one to let you know whats up. The blunt, wise advice she shared made me realize I needed to show Taylor what it's like to not have me home. Essentially show him what he'd be missing. When my mother in law offered to fly JT and I out to her, I was stoked. However, as the day went on and I thought about the pandemic we are living through, I became more hesitant... but then she bought the ticket, haha.

Jaxon and I had a wonderful trip in Illinois with our extended family. Honestly, I would regret it now if we never went. Watching my mother in law play with her first grand-baby was well worth the stress I had for five minutes. After JT met his great aunt, great grandparents and cousins we flew back home early.

Taylor was missing us already. It had been almost a full two weeks when I heard from Taylor.

" are you really staying over there the full three weeks?" Taylor said.

"uh yeah, I'm having a wonderful time and so is Jaxon.. but I do miss you." I replied.

"I miss you too, can you just come home after two weeks, three weeks is a long time..." Taylor texted.

There I was, awkwardly trying to ask my mother in law to change my flight. She was MAD, hahah. But that night, we got onto the computer and changed it with no additional charge. Yayyy! After our trip, time really flew by.

"Vote." "Every vote counts." "Have you voted yet?" "Did you receive your voting ballot in the mail?" "Who did you vote for?" "Who are you voting for?" "Vote, Vote, Vote."

Yupp. It was the middle of October when I was continuously asked about voting for America's next president. I don't really like either the democrat runner up or our republican president, Donald Trump... Neither one tickle my pickle, lol. (Sis, if you're reading this, I know you just shook your head at that.) I told myself to vote this year, I promised to educate myself and read all of the propositions... I didn't. I kept forgetting my mail ballot at my moms house, (an hour and a half away). Then came November.

"Okay, just go to an in-person voting location. Easy." I thought.

Driving up to a library that was holding in-person voting had a line as long as 4 miles, I SWEAR.

"Nope, I'm good." I said and left. HA! Having election day pass by us so quickly gave us no time to think about Thanksgiving. Everyone is forgetting Thanksgiving. Walmart has like five Thanksgiving items. FIVE! Time is flying by so fast we all might as well skip Thanksgiving and go straight into Christmas. (I know a lot of you are like, "yes, yes , yes!!") But I'm not. Not only is Thanksgiving around the corner, living in this time we are today with COVID-19 has put a HUGE damper on everyone's plans. Doctors from all around the world are advising to not have a big, family gathering this year and to just stay home with your household people... WHAT THE FU**!? On the bright side, us ladies won't have to cook for 100 hungry people ;) It's that time of year... already?

No Black Friday this year, no long lines outside of Target waiting for a 65" flat screen t.v. and no big Thanksgiving gatherings. Not only is it this time of year already but it doesn't even feel like the holiday season. Halloween was average, no one really had trick or treaters. This election is taking forever to finish counting the votes. What's Thanksgiving going to be like? Lonely? This is the holiday where you spend time with your family, you watch football, you have a feast and you appreciate every family member you still have left. I hope and I pray that by Christmas we will be blessed with a Christmas miracle to end this madness and to have our lives go back to normal. Mostly normal at the least.

If I learned anything in the past two months, it's to stay positive and to think of your own happiness. If you still wanted to dress up for Halloween because that's your fave holiday, then so be it. If you would still like to cook a feast for your household on Thanksgiving, then so be it. If you'd love to have the fun, traditional Christmas with your family...then so be it. Be Happy. Stay Positive. Stay Safe. It's that time of year ya'll! Happy Holidays!


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