I'll Never be Sorry

Happy Fri-YAY! It's that time again. I hope your week was nothing but good. If it wasn't, well then I hope next week makes up for it.

I'll Never be Sorry.

I actually got this prompt idea from hearing a new country/pop song. The song is, "Never Be Sorry" by Old Dominion. The beat in their new song gives me Backstreet Boy vibes but that country story vibe. Gosh, it's wonderful! It makes me just want to dance. Anyway, while I was listening to the song I couldn't help but think of my own memories and things I would never be sorry for. I was driving and thought "This could easily be a blog for me" . I hope you like it.

"Wow, I have gone through some really good times and some really bad times, what the fu**?" I thought to myself one afternoon. Driving home from the store, taking in the mountain view and listening to our good ol' station here in the Springs, country. Yeah yeah, I know most of you probably hate country but honestly it's a very raw genre. I enjoy it at least. A beat started playing that I hadn't heard before, it was so catchy and was making me want to dance before words were being sung! After one listen to this song, I had the great idea to write this, to write things I will never be sorry for. A specific someone came to my mind immediately as I was listening to each lyric play over my speaker. "okay, that's it. I need to write about this."

We couldn't get the stars to line up for us but that doesn't mean what we had when we had it is a waste. I'll never be sorry for the night we were at Sonic and you called me darlin' just to see me smile. I was so eager to press the red button to order, I hadn't ever been able to push it before. "..., .... darlin'". Wow, I can still hear that whole conversation in my head..

I'll never be sorry for the night I was late getting home because of the kiss you laid on me in the passenger seat of your truck. I'll never be sorry for the sunglasses I lost inside of a Hu-Hot. I'll never be sorry for the cold days and cold nights we spent together because it was Winter. I was never able to experience the warm weather with you but I'll never be sorry for that. Every second spent together, every adventure we had was worth it. I'll never be sorry for loving you and still thinking of you time to time.

Everything happens for a reason. We never evolved into a relationship, for a reason. We just don't know that reason yet..and probably never will. That's okay, I'll never be sorry for not knowing. Sometimes it's better to not know the unknown. Life is mysterious, we make decision after decision everyday not knowing what the outcome will be. Every choice made by us individually effects the rest of your day and the rest of your life. I'll never be sorry for having a playlist that re-plays our memories in my mind at night. I'll never be sorry for my terrible singing in your truck the night of the stock show. (man was I happy that evening)

Our lives are not something we control. I know that sounds ridiculous and silly but is it?

We will never know our future but if and when the future becomes present, we may not ever know the reason(s) behind why you are where you are in that moment. Embrace what you have lived, enjoy the moment you're living currently and look forward to what can come.

I hope this was a fun read for you all! Short but sweet. This is what I find myself thinking about now anytime this song comes on and I'll never be sorry for it.

Until next time! - xoxo

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