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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

As you can probably tell by the title, this is going to be a love post. This read might be boring to most haha...

I was 16 years old watching a football game with my family. (wer’e Denver Bronco fans, woop woop) Our team was losing and I was losing interest in the game. I began to scroll through my Facebook then decided to make a post. My post read "Like for a TBH? :)" Most of you most likely don't know what "TBH" stands for lol. When I was in High School it was something trending that was an acronym for "to be honest". The gist behind it is when someone "likes" the post, you can message them a "to be honest" message. A few people were liking my post but only one stuck out to me.

"Taylor Bowman liked your post"

I thought to myself "Taylor Bowman? .. I don't think I know him but he's really cute"

(I was so boy crazy) I proceeded to his profile and recognized that he was a Marine. Verrrryyyy attractive.

Let me just say, any man in uniform is always attractive.

I was scrolling through his profile photos and it kept getting worse and worse. But I still thought "oh what the heck" and shot him a message.

"Tbh, I don't know you but you seem really cool:)"

Cheesy I know.

I continued watching the game. During the second half my phone rang. It was Taylor Bowman. I don't know why but I got so excited. (it was a like an hour later but its cool). He replied to me,

"Hey! :) thanks you seem really cool too. I like your hair by the way"

I was in love that second. haha just kidding but I immediately felt giddy. We were both getting along over the Denver Bronco game, he was a Bronco fan too! (SCORE!). If you remember earlier I said we were on Facebook (a social media platform to communicate and share). For us to keep talking we had to stay on wifi and where he was at (Buffalo Wild Wings) has it for free! I was home so I was good. After we spent a couple of hours talking about football, age, favorite colors and things, it was time for him to leave the restaurant meaning he wouldn't have wifi. He hit me with the old "I'm not going to have wifi anymore, want to text?" ... Of course I said yes.

We spent a couple of months talking on the phone, non stop texting, calling and video calls. My family was SO annoyed. (oops!) Come November 2015 we were talking on the phone like we had been but this time I noticed he was acting weird, almost as if he was nervous for something? He was asking me questions about long distance relationships and how I felt about the military. (I knew he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend soon.. mind you, we haven't met in person yet). Later in the call, sure enough I was right!

I replied "duhh!" (attractive answer? no definitely not)

I was so excited I remember I was pacing back and forth in front of my mirror turning as red as a cherry. There was something about this guy.. I couldn't help but feel happy when when his name popped up on my phone. His voice was so deep and calming.

The more we talked, the more I knew he was the one. The more we video chatted, the more I was dying to meet him.

One day he came to me with the best news I could hear. He's coming to Colorado!!



SEVEN whole months later we met in person for the very FIRST time. The morning he drove into Colorado I was super nervous. I spent all morning getting ready and cleaning my room. (my mom was NOT happy about all of this btw). I remember I was waiting for my phone to ring, I kept checking it and checking it. Time kept going by but nothing. I was getting really frustrated and so was my mom. 1pm hit and I finally called him like "what the heck dude. where are you? are you even close?"

he picked up and replied, “Hi.. uhm yeahh.. I am at the 7-11 down the street from your house".

I was livid. haha.

"Why are you there and not here??" I asked him. His reply was dry and short I can't even remember it. I sat there sad because this whole day of us meeting was just going to waste along with the time of day..

FINALLY. FINALLY I see this Black car coming down my street, trying to make a U-turn. I threw my phone onto the couch, didn't even grab shoes and I ran outside on the scorching hot summer pavement. He barely opened his door and I TACKLED him against his car. I was so happy to meet this person I fell in love with over the last few months ...

Him and I hit it off right away. Him and my mom on the other hand... not the smoothest but it worked. We spent that whole day getting to know each other a little more and exploring my hometown together.. We even went up and drove to Estes Park, CO! (that is another FUN story).

with that being said ... the rest is history. :)

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