Here's My Story - Part 1

Updated: Mar 26

Happy Sunday! How was your guys' week? It's Valentines Day, who has no plans just like me? With the pandemic, cold weather and lack of love in the air, this Valentines Day just doesn't feel like the normal Valentines vibe. Everything is closed (basically), it feels like ice outside (here in Colorado) and everyone is annoyed with their household because we have been stuck with them in quarantine for almost a whole year now! -

Enough of that negativity, today's blog is going to be about my experience leading me to get married. I wanted to create another series like blog post. I heard a lot of positive feedback from my last and this is a story I can't shorten up much.

Here goes nothing!

November 8,2015 the Denver Broncos were playing against the Colts. Manning against Manning. (the quarter backs are brothers.) This game had everyone on their couch at home yawning. When I say yawning, I mean ready to sleep for the next five hours. This game was probably one of the most boring football games I ever sat down to watch. Being so bored I began to just sit on my phone and scroll my social media. At the time there was a trend going around on Facebook for teens. (you post to your wall "Like for a TBH ! :-)" (T.B.H.: to be honest) This was something when people "Like" reacted to your "TBH" post, you message them directly and tell them something honest you think of them or about them. (lame, I know.) With how bored I was watching the Bronco football game, I made a "TBH" post.. Not many were "Like" reacting to my post. Then one person caught my eye, "Taylor Bowman liked your post", Facebook notified. I remember thinking to myself, "ooo, Taylor huh? Cute name.. He's pretty cute!" If you don't know me, I'm boy crazy. I think a lot of different type of boys are cute. I'm not gonna lie to you guys! haha, anyhow. As this trend went, I shot him a message,

"Tbh: I don't think I know you but you seem cool:)."

"you seem cool" I said.

REAL SMOOTH HOPE. Shortly after, Taylor messaged me back and complimented my hair right away. I knew that moment that this guy was going to be someone important to me one day. I remember texting my best friend, Lexi, how I swore he was IT for me. After she viewed his Facebook, she couldn't help but gag. I wasn't sure WHY. He has beautiful hazel eyes, enlisted in the military and had the cutest serious face in photos! (I was SO in Love) After a LONG, LONG LONG seven months of not meeting in person, he decided to ask me if he would be able to come meet me for the first time in July for July 4th holiday.

"Uh, yes pleasseee!!" I thought.

I was so excited but nervous. 1. I had to ask my mom if it was okay. 2. I would be meeting a boy I never met for the first time. Phone calls and Skype can only go so far ya know?

July 2, 2016. It was a hot, summer day. I woke up this day feeling out of it. Not sick, but as if I wasn't really living this day. I woke up feeling this way because I knew today was the day I would meet the boy I've been talking to for 7 months. The boy I never met in person but knew I loved. I told him everyday just how much I loved him. Talking to someone on the phone, texting and video calls proved to me you can learn a lot about that someone. I know that he knew so much more about me than my classmates I went to school with for the past 12 years of my life. With only the internet and our cell service being our resources to talk, I learned that there is so much more to relationships then the kissing, hugging and Instagram posts. We had nothing else to do but to talk. (my sister hated this part... lol, sorry big sis!) When the day came to ACTUALLY meet this young man I've fallen in love with, I couldn't believe what my life had become... and that was just the beginning.

Wearing my favorite pink summer tank top and my favorite pair of distressed shorts, I curled my hair, and did my makeup. I probably took way too long to get ready for a scorching summer day but I couldn't help it! I was meeting the love of my life for the first time. Wow. That sounds bizarre. "the love of my life" and we never met in person yet. I remember my mom wasn't too thrilled. Not only was he a bit older than me but he was someone none of us have met. I know she was worried because her daughter was going to meet someone she met online. (I mean, have you seen the show Catfish? I don't blame my mom.) Early afternoon rolled around and he still wasn't in Brighton... I kept texting and calling him to get updates where he was. The afternoon came just as fast and he still wasn't here. There was no way he wasn't in Brighton... I began to get scared and frustrated. I called him around 1:00 p.m. to say,

"Okay, if were going to meet today, or at all you better get here sooner than later, you told me you'd be here by noon or sooner. It's already 1 in the afternoon..."

"I know, I'm sorry... I'm just really nervous and I stopped at the Rec Center to take a quick shower and now I'm at 7-11 up Bromley Ln to get gas..." he replied. With hesitation sitting on my heart about meeting, I just said "okay."

Sitting on my moms plush, soft cotton couch staring outside our front door, I saw a black car slowly driving by... then my phone rang.

"Hi.... uh.. so I think I'm he-" Taylor said.

I threw my phone on the couch, yelled to my mom in the kitchen "He's here!" then ran outside, barefoot onto the boiling black pavement. Taylor was trying to turn around to park, but I didn't let him. There I was, running towards the man I fell in love with. He threw his car in park, began opening his car door and without hesitation, I just tackled him and hugged him tight. As tight as I could. He nearly fell over and back into the car, its fine. (haha.) I remember his smell that day. He had a certain type of body spray or cologne on that I couldn't resist.

"Oh my gosh, he smells soooo good." "He is so cute and short." "wow.. his eyes." I thought to myself while hugging him.

He slowly pulled away from our hug and gave me the most passionate, kind kiss. I was head over heels. I knew i was going to be with this man for the rest of my life.

Towards the end of the year of 2016, we broke up. I did it. Being long distance, we became very toxic. He would ask where I was 24/7. It got to the point where when I said "I'm at Krispy Kreme with my friend Emma." He contacted my friend, Emma via her social media and asked if I was there with her. (freakin' crazy right?) That wasn't even that bad.. but it was the last time I was going to let that happen. That night, Emma and I went through the drive thru, got our doughnuts and I called him. I let him know that his actions and his distrust was annoying and I couldn't deal with it anymore. That phone call, I broke up with him. I didn't REALLY want to. However, Emma was telling me just how crazy he had been acting and she wasn't the only one so I took that as a sign. My heart physically ached as I heard him cry over the phone... no boy every cries. If they do they definitely don't let anyone know.

A few months went by and we were still single. However, everyday Taylor managed to contact me one way or another. He would ask how I was, what I've been up to and how my school was going. The heart breaking news was, I met someone else. And it was in person this time! I met this man, I'll call him G on here. We met at Chick-fil-A, my favorite fast food place at the time. This post isn't about G but he had a big part of my heart before I got married. Crazy right? I didn't expect to meet him and I definitely didn't expect to feel the way I did when I met him. I was so blown away, I lost my appetite. I could barely breathe. In the back of my mind though, through the butterflies I was feeling and the gorgeous blue eyes staring back at me I thought, "What about Taylor?"

Me and G stopped talking around the beginning of the year, 2017. We spent Christmas together and had a magical, fun night.. but I think this night we both knew we wouldn't ever really work. (I'm not really sure, we never communicated that.) He then had enough of trying with me and stopped talking to me at the end of the whole G thing. I remember everyone at my school, my friends and family sat back and laughed.

"I knew it wasn't going to last" "you're such a hopeless romantic" "it only happens in the movies" "long distance never works"

Nothing brings you down more than being heart broken, confused and alone. Well... being a joke definitely brought me down too. At this point, how I felt about G and I not talking and how I felt about Taylor not shooting a text in the morning, I knew.

"It's him. It's always been him. Stop being afraid, stop listening to others and listen to your own heart." I told myself one night.

I had a surprise package planned to send him. I knew he would smile if I did something like that without messaging him first. Being long distance, that's the biggest gesture I could think of doing other than a random phone call, text or letter. But then the fire happened. One day in my catering class, we had a guest chef visit and show us how to make this amazing pasta sauce. I went home that day after school ecstatic to try and make pasta and the new pasta sauce for my mom. I grabbed all of the ingredients I needed. Well... most of all of the ingredients. The chef at my school had a certain type of oil he put onto the pan. We didn't have that same type but I figured "the oil we have here is just fine." - It wasn't "just fine" (lol.) Long story short, I started a fire in my moms kitchen. I remember the flame formed so quickly, thick, hot and tall. (It burned the area above my moms oven.) I was the only one home so I tried my best to stay calm, I turned the oven off, grabbed the pan, threw it in the sink and cried.

"That could have been really bad... I could have burnt our house down. Then what would we have done?" I thought to myself.

I couldn't think of anyone else to calm me down but Taylor. There I was, sitting on the same couch I was when he came to meet me for the first time. Crying, I dialed his number and hoped he'd answer.


I watched the grass grow after the winter, the trees turn bright and green. It was almost the end of my Senior year in high school. I was going to graduate soon and become one of the adults trying to figure out what to do with their life's. This was an exciting time for us students. As I looked around in my schools lobby one morning, I noticed everyone around me is familiar. Everyone had been going to the same school as me for years and years.

"Wow, here we all are, waiting to graduate, ordering class rings and Letterman jackets...I wonder what I'm going to do once I graduate?"

I wasn't someone who loved school. I loved the social part but not the academics haha. I thought about going to college, thought about taking a gap-year, working. I didn't really know yet what I wanted to be when I grew up, ha. Being close to graduating also meant being close to Senior Prom. One of the most fun, romantic dances known in high school history. Senior Prom is the last school dance we would all have together as one. I wasn't sure if I even wanted to go. There was no one I wanted to go with. Not friends, not any boys. I wasn't feeling the whole Senior Prom night.

April rolled around. Which meant I graduate the following month. How exciting, right?! With April came Taylor... this is shortly after I created that fire in my moms kitchen. He calmed me down that day, like I knew he would... He was worried about me and showed me he still cared deeply for me. Though he was trying to be stubborn and hold his ground of "I don't want to talk anymore." ... he couldn't help it. I mean, obviously haha look at me. I'm just kidding! But we did begin talking again... it was nice. You could tell in our voices that we missed each other very much. It's wild how much you could care and miss someone you're no where near. 1,000 miles away. 1,000 reasons to get back together. "We got this." I said. Since we were back on again, he came to visit me in May for my Senior Prom! I guess it was going to be a special night after all. Being far away, he never had the chance to properly ask me to prom. One evening, after a tennis match that I had, he took me to his hotel room and had it all set up. When I entered through the door, there was a big red sheet hanging so I couldn't view the rest of the room. I lifted the sheet up and over my head. Mr. Goodbar, Diet Coke, Red Vines and rose petals were all laid out on the bed. All of my favorite goodies. On the bed, the items all together spelled out,

"Will you go to prom with me?"

I was speechless. "That's it. I'm marrying this man one day."

May 6, 2017. Senior Prom Night for Class of 2017. Woop, Woop! Today was the day I didn't get to hang out with Taylor. Instead, I spent the entire day getting ready for prom. My Senior Prom with the man I fell in love with two years prior. I went over to my best friend, Lexi's house to get my makeup done. (she has always been talented with makeup.) I was over her house for about 2-3 hours that early afternoon getting my makeup look complete.

"Damn, I look good. I should wear a full face of makeup everyday." I told her.

An hour after that, I needed to head to the hair salon down the street to get my hair did. I wanted a poof on top with some curls. Man did she make a poof. I was in her chair for about 3 hours. At this point, my ass was so numb from sitting at Lexi's and then the salon. When my hair was finally finished, I started to feel the butterflies in my stomach. I don't know why I was so nervous. Not only did Taylor and I talk for so long and date, but we were just going to my Senior Prom. Was Senior Prom really that meaningful to me? or did I feel something else was going to happen that night? After I got home from the hair salon, my sister began to help me get ready. Honestly ... this moment was so special to me. My big sister is like a second mom to me. Just cooler ;) .. sorry mom. She helped me take my shirt off very carefully as I wore the wrong type of tee to pull over my head. Note to self: If I ever have a daughter one day, make sure she wears a zip up or a button up top when getting ready for something special. As much as we struggled getting my tee off, we managed to do it without wrecking my hair and makeup. As we were in my room getting me ready, I heard Taylor in the living room. He arrived early, or maybe I was running late? I can't remember, I'm honestly late everything. I could barely hear him talking to my mom, I was trying to ease drop because, duh why wouldn't I? My sister helped slide my long, slick red dress from my feet, up. As I turned around for her to zip my dress up, I couldn't help but think that one day we would both be in the same positions except the dress would be white. As I completed the look with my tall, black heels my sister and I walked out into the living room where Taylor and my mom were. I'll never forget the way Taylor looked at me. I mean, it was just Senior Prom.

Heading to Downtown Denver for our amazing steak dinner then to the prom! The entire time we were at the restaurant I noticed Taylor acting weird. Not only that, on our way to Downtown, he stopped by my dads work to take Senior Prom photos with my dad since he wasn't home that day.

"Awww, how sweet of him." I thought.

I quickly was catching on to Taylor's weird behavior though. After seeing my dad and taking photos, he asked me to go start the car.. the car that was his. Kind of weird right? This behavior didn't stop. It carried on at dinner too. While we tried a fancy way to eat bread slices and ate our $30 dollar steaks, he began to sweat, stopped talking as much and went to the bathroom at least two times.

"Why is he being weird? This is my prom, not his. I should be the nervous one." I thought.

He paid the check and we headed out! I was so excited for him to see all of my friends, all of the ones I basically grew up with. Walking out of the restaurant, all eyes were on us. Not because of prom, not because of my dress but because Taylor couldn't have looked any better in his dress blues. He took my hand and lead the way back to his car... so I thought.

"Wait, I don't think you parked over here, where are we going?" I asked.

"You'll see, we just gotta hang on here in this spot for just a second." Taylor said.

He was continuously checking his phone, texting and walking away taking calls. Standing in the center of Downtown Denver, I see a huge, purple, flower filled horse carriage pull up.

"Oh my god Taylor, look! How pretty. I wonder what they're going to do!" I said clueless.

He grabbed my hand and walked me right up to that beautiful horse carriage. I couldn't believe it. He got this for me, for us! The flowers wrapped around the carriage were beautiful. They smelled great too! OH and the horses, oh my goodness the horses, they were the prettiest light brown horses I had ever seen. He sat me down beside him in the carriage and said,

"We're gonna go for a little ride."

"Oh my god, okay. Thank you so much, this is so pretty!" I said with such excitement.

We went up and down the dazzling streets of Downtown. Almost every business had gorgeous lights to display and the scenery of everyone having a good time was simply beautiful. Just as I began to get comfortable, I noticed Taylor's uniform pocket was opened.

"Uh Oh honey, your right pocket is un-done. Here, let me get it for you."

I reached over to button up his uniform pocket but he rushed away from me and replied, "No, no. It's okay I'll get it. In this very moment I knew. I looked up and saw beautiful, twinkling lights right above us, and I heard Taylor ask the carriage lady to stop here for a minute. She sent a sweet smile back to say, “Okay.”

"Ohhhh man. This is it. This is the moment. He's going to propose. Oh my god, Taylor is about to propose!" I said to myself as I was nervously looking away from him pretending I didn’t know what was about to happen. I felt him moving around in his seat... I knew he grabbed something from his pocket. I just knew it. Then I felt him slowly getting off the bench we were sharing...

"Hope Marie Gonzalez... Will you Marry me?"

You guys, I have goosebumps ending my blog with the question that changed my life, forever. This is Part 1 of "My Story". I received a recommendation from a wonderful young lady to write a blog about getting married at a young age.. This was just the beginning. Stay tuned - xoxo

Senior Prom 2017

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