be Happy

Haaaappyy Tuesday!

I hope today finds you all well, healthy and Happy.

As you can tell by todays title, "be Happy", I'm trying to promote happiness. Today's blog also goes with the new bracelet I put out which is custom made reading "be Happy". (if you'd like to purchase go to my "shop" page and add to cart, then email me or shoot me a text for payment methods!) Anyway, as we all know, this year has sucked ass. From the VERY beginning to mid way and now we shall see what the ending brings. For now, we can all try to stay positive, stay supportive, stay sane and most importantly be Happy.

I know it's easier said than done. Trust me. I'm not asking for you to be Happy all of the time, but definitely most of your time. It's good to smile.

It's good to laugh. If I have learned anything during this chaotic year, it's to be Happy. Surrounding yourself with your loved ones is NEVER a bad thing. Surrounding yourself with things you enjoy whether that's the gym, chocolate, friends or the television is NEVER a bad thing.

Myself? I like to write. I always buy journals at the store because I fill them up as fast as the Bubble Gum flavor runs out. Then one day, during this time I figured,

"why not take this further? why not truly pour your heart out? why not try to help people? show people what ive been through?"

If you know me then you'll see I need some grammar coaching haha!.I enjoy this though, it excites me and makes me Happy knowing that I can maybe, just MAYBE make a small difference for poeple or one person. Entertainment is huge too and I know a lot of us are bored at home right now. I hope to help you bored ones look forward to something to read at the end of every week.

I'm not occupying my time with only this blog. I have my little boy, Jaxon. He is my EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. He is the air I breathe and the sun I see brightly shining in every morning. (OK getting off track, I could go on and on about my little booger). Not only do I have my son I take care of everyday, but I'm trying my best to hold our house together (cleaning, dishes, laundry etc.) , I take online classes and I just signed up for a 4 week 2 Fit program to work on myself inside and out. I gained quite some pounds during pregnancy and I have had the HARDEST time to shed the extra pounds off. It makes me sad and depressed every day I look in the mirror. However, like I said in the very beginning of this Happy. So that's why I signed myself up so I can try and continue to make myself Happy.

In times like this, where legendary celebrities have passed away from tragic deaths, where racism has surfaced more than it has in the past decade, where we now have to walk around wearing a mask because of a threatening virus.... I need to catch my breath everytime I think or speak about everything that has been going on. AND GUESS WHAT? That isn't all, there is SO much more.I hope this could help remind you to be Happy. I hope that my read this Friday could remind you that there is still light outside every morning and that we are all still here, Together. We need to stay together as Family, as one. We need to support one another. We need to see both sides ofevery story. We need to be a Nation again. With that being said, remeber to be Happy. Smile. Laugh.

See you guys Friday!

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