Adventures Fill Your Soul

Adventures fill your soul like a cup of coffee. Except not everyone likes coffee and not everyone enjoys spontaneous adventures.

The one thing me and my husband have in common without a doubt is Adventure. Spontaneous Adventure to be exact. You might be wondering what I mean by “Spontaneous Adventure”. It’s not a real term (that I know of) but it’s what we like to call the last minute plans of exploring around wherever we are. The past few weeks have been H E C T I C. Moving from CA to CO, movers being the worst movers in the book, having the baby in the backseat crammed with junk. The list can go on and on. Taylor has a few weeks off of work to get settled into our new home and things. We decided this is our opportunity to go explore our new home.

Colorado Springs, CO

I grew up here in Colorado as you’ve probably read in my “a little about me“ post. But I had no idea the famous Pikes Peak, Cave of the Winds and Garden of the Gods were located here! The second we drove here we couldn’t keep our eyes off of the sights we had from the highway of these beautiful landmarks.

Growing up I never went hiking, snowboarding, skiing and so on. My family just wasn’t that into it. (Crazy I know). As I got older my older brother, Mario, took me on my first hike in Boulder, CO. That was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I enjoyed it so much. That day I knew I loved the outdoorsy type of activities. So when I saw how close my husband and I live to all of these famous hiking parks, I just knew I had to go. I had to see these sights people talked about, I had to learn the history, I had to challenge myself with the steep and rocky trails.

I learned quite a few things. The first day we went to Garden of the Gods for a short amount of time. Garden of the Gods is free to the public so we decided we could always go back and walk/hike a longer route. We had Jaxon with us on every adventure this week. This one was the toughest. I learned that eating a few hours before walking up and down steep hills with a stroller was a terrible idea. I learned that one large water bottle wasn’t enough. (not even for only 45 mins - 1 hr) I also learned that my husband really loves the architecture of each individual rock. This really opened my eyes. I always talk about how beautiful the mountains are and the red rock but I never truly sat there and observed.

so...I gave it a shot.

I remember the first thought that came to my mind was ”wow... all around us looks like a screen. This all looks too big to be real, too beautiful to be real...” I was in so much Awe woth what surrounded us. No one ever truly knows just how beautiful our world is until they sit there and Truly take it all in.

The second day we decided to go to Pikes Peak. We looked it up on GPS assuming it would be further south.


Pikes Peak was also only 20-30minute drive! We couldn’t have been happier because we were already running late on schedule. As we drove up to the gate we were surprised we had to pay to enter. But that’s fine, it is a very popular mountain why not make money off of it? I get it. Anyway... we had Jaxon like I had said. The lady said Pikes Peak can be very dangerous for babies if they’re not used to the elevation. Pikes Peak is as high as airplanes go!

14,115 feet. That is how high this mountain is. It’s seriously like you’re on a movie set. It blows you away. It’s something that will take your breath away even if you’re not an outdoorsy type of person. For Pikes Peak, you don’t even really have to be. It is just a drive up the mountain, you park and BOOM... you’re at the summit. Down below is a photo from the summit. But what comes with a beautiful sight is loss of oxygen. Jaxon was doing fine surprisingly! As was I. Now Taylor on the other hand... (he lived in CA for too long I think) He was getting dizzy, lightheaded, dehydrated and his lips even began turning purple. My husband was losing oxygen and he was losing it fast. Fortunately my husband is a trooper and fought through the pain. He lead us back to the truck for some lunch and back down we went.

I’m 97% sure he was trying his hardest to get through the pain that way I wouldn’t have to drive. The mountain is too steep and too windy. We both knew deep down that my anxiety would be out of control. I appreciate that about him.

Driving up the mountain I was able to see beautiful Elk. It was a Momma Elk with her babies. They were sun bathing, watching every car drive by. There’s something about seeing animals in their natural habitat. Way better then the Zoo. They seemed so happy, so alive and at home. They’re probably nicer too since they’re not being tugged and dragged into cages by people.

Our last adventure was probably my favorite. Cave of the Winds!

I was a Q U E E N in this chair haha! I am so short my feet were verrry far from the ground! This wooden chair was one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in.

Okay enough about that, let’s talk about the historic Cave of the Winds! This attraction is not free at all. It was like $40.00 to get in but totally worth it. They have two sets of tours, the regular cave tour and a lantern tour. the Lantern tour is also done in the cave but in pitch darkness with a small candle lit lantern. We did the regular cave tour haha! We are a bit of scaredy cats. Our tour guide was amazing, she showed us the spiders they get inside (super big and gross). She explained the history wonderfully and we all hardly had questions!

Fun Fact: Caves all around the earth are always 54 degrees year round!

Taylor, Jaxon and I had a blast! There was a young boy apart of our tour group, he was the cutest thing. Our tour lady was asking all of us where we were from and so on. Two couples said they were from Texas! so the tour guide lady said “Tejas”! the hispanic way of saying Texas. The younger boy made us all hispanics laugh when he asked, “why did you say Texas like that?”

The tour guide lady tried beating around the bush but the other hispanic couple explained “that is how it is pronounced in Spanish technically..” “Us hispanics say it like that...”

The little boy “Oh OK....”

HAHA! we all cracked up. He was so innocent and was genuinely confused. It made my day lol. He continued the tour saying “Tejas!”.

Gotta love kids. Speaking of kids. Jaxon had a blast in there! He was loving all of the scenery and the people talking. He was such a good boy, he always is. Watching Jax and Taylor smile at everything surrounding us helped me realize ”this is what life is truly about..”

I don’t know what your faith beliefs are or if you have any but I 100% believe in God and the tales taught about him and his doings. He has a plan for all of us. Good or bad, we make our choices and hope for the best but whatever is meant to happen by God is going to happen. I’m just happy i’m living mine to the fullest.

Onto the Next Adventure!

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