Where is Home for you?

Home is different for everybody. When reading the question, where was the first place that came to mind? THAT is your Home in this moment and time. Tomorrow that could change.

It's holiday season which means for me, Home is my moms house. The aroma her cookies give while were all sitting in the family room watching a movie. The warmth of the fresh baked cookies on my finger tips as I sneak away a couple to eat... almost breaking apart, they're so soft. Yummm, Home.

I was sitting here the other day watching the movie, This Christmas, and I couldn't help but think "where is Home?" As you all know I'm married to one of the most annoying, sweet men God ever created but to me, he is my Home. Especially being in a military lifestyle. However, when the holiday season comes around, no doubt Home is my mommas house. Just like in the movie I was watching. All of the siblings went to their moms for the holidays. They left their work, they flew from different states and all gathered together. With ups and downs happening between the siblings it reminded me of my siblings. We would always bicker or fight. What I learned was at the end of the day we always came together as a family and had the best holiday season. I never experienced a bad holiday season. EVER. (Thank you mom, dad, sister and brother for that.)

This year we are all living in a pandemic. How lame is that?! Thanksgiving this year won't be the same for A LOT of people around the world. This year, I won't be going Home for a big turkey feast. In a time like this we all have to stay positive, stay inside and stay safe. Just because you might not get hurt from this virus doesn't mean the person next to you won't. Not going Home this Thanksgiving is bitter-sweet. Hopefully Christmas will be different. Christmas is one of the most uplifting holidays God could have blessed us with.

Are you going to your Home for the holidays? Where is your Home? Grab a piece of paper and describe your Home. Feel free to share with me! I'd love to hear all about it.

I know this weeks blog was short, but I think it's short and sweet. I want it to get you thinking in the holiday spirit. HAPPY FRIYAY YA'LL!

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