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How did I come about this title? I caught myself one evening, writing my heart away. I was writing about the day I had, I remember. 

"The sun shining through his hair, the giggles coming from the stroller and the whispers from the people passing by..." 

I thought to myself, If I enjoy writing and if I enjoy writing about my experiences, then why not make a blog? I sat at the dining table brainstorming blog names. I wanted my personal name involved somehow. I wanted this website to be about my life and include my name somehow. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

My Mission

     When I created theLifeofHope website, I had the vision to share my true stories, my life lessons and my own experiences. (the good and the bad.)

     I hope the outcome from reading my blog posts give my viewers something to relate to, something they can can read for entertainment or something that makes them feel they need to share with their family or friends because it may be something needed to be read by someone else.